Instant Cash Loans for Unemployed

Instant loans for unemployed with guaranteed pre-approval

Loans for the unemployed. Cash Loans Bad Credit. Loans for single moms with bad credit.

Unemployment among all groups of workers increased sharply in the COVID-19 recession. Moreover, the unemployment rate for women is even higher than the unemployment rate for men. Of course, it is possible to receive funding from the government until one can find another job. What to do if unemployment benefits received are not enough and you need loans now?

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Have you ever tried to borrow money with bad credit having no job?

It might be easier than you think, but in any case, the borrower is obliged to repay the debt on schedule. The more information you provide about your current financial situation, the better chances to receive a lower interest rate. Short term loans for bad credit for the unemployed include the following options:

  • Secured loans, which are less risky for lenders, but the borrower has to put something valuable as collateral.
  • Personal loans, provided by some lenders, accept people with alternative sources of income, striking them with high-interest rates.
  • Bad Credit Payday loans are still popular despite of traditional short repayment terms and a number of penalties in case of repayment failure.

I can’t find a job and I need money

The entire process will take about an hour. First of all, choose the lender with suitable interest rates and fees. Most of them offer no credit check Payday Loans. There are several lending platforms with lenders advertisement, so just compare their terms and conditions in order to find the best option.

Loan amounts range from $100 up to $1500 depending on the state and lender’s policies. Repayment terms may be variable, ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months. The annual percentage rate can be up to 400% depending on the personal borrower’s information.

You will be asked to complete an application for instant loans for unemployed online or in-store

There are still some requirements to receive cash advance with bad credit:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Government-issued ID
  • A valid bank account
  • Proof of income from a source other than employment (federal or state unemployment payments, alimony, disability insurance)

If you are eligible, then during the application you have to fill out the reasons you applying for a cash advance and the total amount you are requesting. Of course, the total sum might not be accepted, but still, you have chances to receive some extra cash.

Usually, it takes about an hour for instant loans for unemployed lender’s service team to review the request after instant pre-approval. Then all needed documents will be sent to you and it will be possible to collect money within 24 hours.

As rule online loans for the unemployment application are available 24/7, so you can apply at any time. Be aware, that more than half of payday loans are rolled over, so make the decision carefully.